"Tear down all the walls
and burn down all the fences
keeping me from you."

"Will you let me in,
in to the heart of your life,
the beat of your days?"


Just do
the fuck
you feel
like doing;
life moves on
and you get
to the finish line
one way or another.

A gluten free life,
or a New York slice
every weekend,
won’t make
a difference;
how we love
to think
it makes
a difference.

You can
wash it down
with ice-cream
flavored coffee
and go through
cho-ppy days,
taking vitamins
and doing cleanses,
nitpicking trivial things —

Our culture is fragmented
and falling apart;
while celebrities are bleaching
their assholes
inside a Beverly Hills office,
the young are dying in the street
and then thrown out,
like rotten fruit
at the market,
in drug infested projects.

We are still
not good
to each other
and it brings sadness
to my unresponsive heart.
I try to give,
even when I have nothing,
I smile, even when the muscles
in my mouth won’t respond,
and I dream even when sleep escapes me.

But when will it be enough?
How long can we carry on like this?
There is too much blood in our history books
too much greed for things that glow
too much ego overshadowing love
too much inequality for what’s inferior;
please let me know when we open our hearts
and become good, true, and angelic.


the world from afar - j.b. (via iamunheardd)

(via iamunheardd)